No firm or organization should settle for anything less than clear, compelling writing. Yet many companies and agencies tolerate bad writing because their focus is on selling, or manufacturing, or researching and developing — not communications. In some cases, firms simply can’t distinguish between mediocre and excellent writing.

They’re just words, right? Type up that document, run it through the spell check, it’ll be fine.

If you believe that, you’ve got a problem you don’t even see.

G.D. Gearino, a longtime business journalist and award-winning novelist and columnist, is available to a limited number of clients who need:

  • Policy papers, guest editorials or long-form corporate communications.
  • Corporate histories or private biographies.
  • Public relations and media consulting.
  • Editing, proofreading or critiquing of existing communications.
  • Web pages written or reviewed.
  • Staff seminars on effective writing.

Don’t let sub-par writing undermine your mission. If you’ve got something to say (and every organization does), G.D. Gearino can help you say it well.