After 551 posts, 2,130 comments …

… and countless whacks at the pinata of current events, it’s time for all of us to take a break. Everyone’s had their say. My plan now is to withdraw from the fray for a while and enjoy the silence. The world is too clangorous a place these days, so I’ve decided to ease the problem rather than keep adding to it. Besides, other projects require my attention. No one ever really stops working for The Man, do they?

11 Responses to “After 551 posts, 2,130 comments …”

  1. Doug Says:

    “No one ever really stops working for The Man, do they?”

    Dan, after those 551 posts, I considered you to be “The Man”.

    Thanks for all of the words assembled well and best of luck in your other endeavors. Of course, when needed, I will seek your opinion on the fray directly.

    Doug Williams

  2. John Says:

    So “Doug” is Doug Williams?

    I guess I’ll echo Doug’s sentiments. Thanks for your contribution to my intellectual edification (such as it is). Sure I usually bypassed your weightier topics (of which there were many) - they made my head hurt. But WAW always delivered just enough fluff for a mouth breather like me to keep coming back. “Shit! Politics, the news business, big business! Ahhh, a blog about Jamie Lee Curtis topless. Bingo!”

    You attracted a great bunch of regular posters. Nice folks - anonymous as they are, hiding behind their pseudonyms. You can tell me now. Who the hell is Walter Abbott?

    WAW touched my life. Of that you can be:
    a. proud
    b. afraid
    c. indifferent

    I learned the meaning of opprobrium (still can’t f-ing spell it) and I probably know more about the North Carolina news biz than any Georgia high school grad in the county.

    I stalked you, insulted you, complemented you and made up complete falsehoods about your past and present and posted them all to WAW. I still think you probably do play Seventy Six Trombones on your trombone while clad only in your boxers. God, whatta sight that must be.

    Best memory I’ll carry from WAW is that I got to vicariously share your experiences as a proud (and anxious) dad while your son was serving in Iraq.

    You enabled me. You’ve cursed me. You’ve ignored me. You complete me.

    I guess I understand why you’re bailing on WAW. Best of luck to you.

    I have very conflicted feelings here. You’re a great man, but you’re a pussy for bailing on your blog. You’re Doug’s hero. Since Doug is my hero, I guess that makes you my hero too - being as how my hero’s hero is my hero and all that.

    I expect you’re crying like a freaking baby right about now. Me too, big fella.

    Take care of yourself and best of luck to you.

    I’ll close with the words of another great American who shall remain nameless.

    Eat me.

  3. Doug Says:

    Glad that I posted first. There is no way I would want to have followed John after his send-off. John, your my hero which makes this triangle very odd indeed.

  4. Locomotive Breath Says:

    I’ll just say… thanks!

  5. Locomotive Breath Says:

    p.s. “Walter Abbott” is the name of a real guy and the real name of the real guy.

  6. RLR Says:

    I’m sure the blistering pace of two posts per month was just a colossal beech to produce, GD. ;)

    Although I really enjoyed WAW, when a fun project feels like an obligation, it’s time to bail.

    Why don’t you use your website to point us to your other ongoing projects?

  7. Rick Says:

    Take a break —you deserve it from us-types. Maybe after the November elecitons you’ll be so inspired to sound off — everybody else in the world will. Then again, maybe wait a couple of weeks after that till the dust settles and and all the experts retreat back under their rocks. Would love to hear your take on things at that point. In the meantime, good luck with your paying work.

  8. mikey Says:

    Indeed Dan’l you are the man! I have enjoyed your postings and your regular bloggers here at WAW. A great bunch of guys and gals and a classy cross section of informed opinion…for the most part anyway. Now get busy!


  9. bc Says:

    Many thanks for your blog. (Oops, almost used an exclamation point.) I’ve enjoyed making it a part of my morning after following your column in the N&O. Great combination of insight, optimism, humor and fact-checking. I’ll miss the blog, but wish you well with the paid jobs.

  10. Jim Says:

    Candy Ass

  11. Raoul Duke Says:

    Damn shame. Guess I’ll have to resort to buying you lunch at Big Ed’s to gain some twisted wisdom. How old school.