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I hope they enjoyed our party

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Every once in a while, a window opens into the mindset of politicians and the people who cover them. In recent days, both WTVD television and the News & Observer reported on a Christmas party hosted by Gov. Beverly Perdue at the governor’s mansion. The party was held for convicted felons — many of them killers — who perform maintenance around the mansion. Both news outlets made the same claim about the party’s funding (a talking point presumably supplied by Perdue’s staff). As the N&O reported:

The event didn’t cost taxpayers anything. During the year, the mansion is available for private receptions and fees from those events paid for the party.

Excuse me, but taxpayers own the governor’s mansion. Any revenue generated by private functions held there likewise belongs to taxpayers. In fact, we did pay for the prisoner party. That was our money. How does two separate teams of journalists not grasp this fundamental fact?