It’s not easy being green

My son and I went to the North Carolina State Fair yesterday, no thanks to the city of Raleigh’s bus system — which trumpeted its service to the fairgrounds, but overlooked one key aspect: having a bus actually appear at the stop where we waited. And waited. And waited.

After nearly 45 minutes, we got in the car and drove to the fair. So much for our effort to be green citizens.

God knows we tried. We were each willing to pay the $4 roundtrip charge for a ride to the fairgrounds, about three miles away. (My fuel cost, after we gave up and drove ourselves, was probably less than a buck.) And we were willing to invest some extra time in the trip, as part of our stab at green living. But at a certain point, the algebra of environmental commitment does a 180-degree turn. When do you decide not to spend $8 to get to the fair when a buck’s worth of gas will do the trick; and not invest at least an hour of waiting and riding time when you can get their on your own within 15 minutes (as we eventually did)?

Answer: When the freakin’ bus doesn’t show up.

5 Responses to “It’s not easy being green”

  1. Locomotive Breath Says:

    They were still trying to get people to the U2 concert.

  2. Barb Says:

    But how much did you pay to park at the fair?

    I hear ya, though. I don’t understand bus schedules, either, but as you said, it’s not going to be easy making the shift to greener living–things worth doing well are hardly ever easy.

  3. G.D. Gearino Says:

    Barb: We parked in the free lot near Carter-Finley stadium. It was a bit of a walk to the gate, but that helped offset the caloric intake that followed once we got inside the fairgrounds.

  4. John Says:

    One problem with Public Transportation is that you gotta share it with the Public. Ever ride a bus with somebody who just pissed himself? Well the guy sitting next to me last week did. He was none too happy about it either.

    Gearino, if you ask me, you and Gearino the Younger should still get “greenie points” for your efforts. Not sure where you can redeem the damned things, but good luck with that.

    Your experience is a shining example of why people who don’t have to use mass transit don’t use mass transit. Why the heck should you sacrifice your lucre and convenience just to do the right thing?

    And did you notice all those folks cruising by your bus stop in the comfort and convenience of their personal transportation ? Did you get the feeling they were laughing at you?

    They were, you chump.

    In the bigger picture, whatever your act of do-goodery posted on the credit side of the environmental ledger was immediately cancelled out a million times over by cow farts.

    I say relax and enjoy yourself.

    Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

  5. In The Arena Says:

    G.D., I’ve got some carbon offsets I’m trying to sell on Craig’s list, that I’d be willing to let go at a cheap rate to you, seeing as how your buying (into the greenness of it all, that is). Since trying to stop Climate Change (that is, stopping the climate from changing) is analogous to the Indian Rain Dance, I’d say your faith that the current earth’s temperatures are at an all time optimal point suggests an optimism that is in direct conflict with liberal theology. Either way, if it makes you FEEL like your doing good, then cow farts (I don’t mean you personally John) and 8$ bus rides really miss the point. Remember GD, To BE rather than To SEEM.