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On hiatus

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I need a break. No, let me refine that statement: I need to concentrate on other, income producing pursuits, but I also need a break from the mental/psychic wear and tear that comes with being a blog superstar. (If there was an emoticon to signal wry self-deprecation, it would have followed that sentence.)

As a result, I’ll be tending to other matters for a while. There’s a risk to this hiatus, of course. Russian spammers might stop sending me their hilarious, ineptly worded “comments” that jam my site every day. Like this one:

Yo!, please, need your help. Can you recommend me a good quality beer which easy to find any where in the world!?

Thenks, bro. I am vaiting for answer!!!

Well, thenks for reading, comrade. But count on vaiting a long time. As for everyone else, please bear with me as I keep the wolf from the door.