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Should we schedule the sacking?

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

For me, the countdown to collapse of Western civilization started yesterday at about 8:30 a.m., when I read about a cat in Raleigh named Santos which recently was named Best In Show at a cat beauty contest in Atlanta. Here’s the passage that did it for me:

Santos sleeps in his own room on handmade navy-blue silk pillows (so his hair is not pulled out). Twice a day, he dines on Blue Ridge meat, made especially for cats. His owners feed him by hand. …

Santos takes four baths a week in his own tub, and his coat is washed with a mix of Joico and Aveda shampoos that costs $60 a bottle.

Born in Italy, Santos spent last summer in his native Venice with his breeder so his coat would grow thick in the cool air. His owners say they might let him attend a show in Germany in January. He’s already been to Belgium, Kiev and the Netherlands. (When he travels, of course, he gets his own seat on the plane.)

Santos’ hobbies include playing with his teaser toys and listening to “Bob and the Showgram” on G-105 …

It would be easy to list all the many ways in which the pampered existence of Santos the cat is an affront to the benighted peoples of the world, who can only dream of such a life. But I’m neither enough of a squishy liberal to make much of that, nor the possessor of the high moral ground in this matter (considering that I have dropped serious coin on similarly frivolous pastimes). Instead, I’ll offer this simple assertion:

When any society finds itself comfortable with the notion that a pet can have not only a hobby, but a favorite morning radio show, Vandals and Huns cannot be far behind.