My bountiful plenty

I’m taking the rest of the week off, mostly because the preparations for Thanksgiving and the following glazed-eye recovery tend to leave little time for all other pastimes (but also because deep down I’m a shallow, lazy man). But I’ll be back in the saddle next week — most likely Tuesday.

In the meantime, let me say thanks for your readership and for your increasingly vigorous participation in this site. Comments, for better or worse, are half the fun here. Together, we’re expanding the reach and readership of WAW. The number of daily visitors has tripled in the past year, and while it’s still a pretty exclusive club there’s an interesting cross-section of readers checking in. (Private note to the WAW reader in Malaysia: C’mon, introduce yourself. Make friends with us and maybe we’ll ship you a sausage biscuit from Bojangles.)

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and know that I appreciate your patronage.

13 Responses to “My bountiful plenty”

  1. Jim Says:

    You already know who this is, and where I live, so deliver the sausage biscuit in person, please.

    Have a good Thanksgiving.

  2. Sheila Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Dan.

  3. Lippzee Says:

    I finally made it into an exclusive club. Thank you, Dan.

  4. Debrah Says:

    “Comments, for better or worse, are half the fun here.”



    “….the WAW reader in Malaysia…”

    If this guy is showing still up after the first visit, he must be smitten with Dan’s blog, or perhaps he’s read one of his books and has developed a fascination for the goings on in the Triangle. There are, after all, many from across the globe who know about, and have visited, RTP.

    I’ve had periodic visitors from all over Europe, the Far East, and even the Middle East; however, they don’t show up daily.

    My guess is that often a word or phrase on a particular blog will be highlighted when people from any part of the world google something.

    They hit on various blogs while googling.

    It seems Dan has managed to attract someone who keeps coming back for more!

    And why not?

    I would suggest, however, that Dan assign “Mr. Cranky” the chore of sending some signature regional snacks to Malaysia.

    Perhaps a trip to Allen & Sons Barbecue would be on the menu. It’ll give “Mr. Cranky” an excuse to load up on his favorites; however, if the snacks are going all the way to Malaysia, “Cranky” will have to post them in a styrofoam box with dry ice.

    I’m sure the reader in Malaysia will be most appreciative.

    Get crackin’, “Cranky”!

  5. Debrah Says:


    If I may revisit a prior post from Dan for a moment….

    Yesterday I went to Whole Foods to pick up some things and as I was leaving the parking lot I saw a bumper sticker on a Japanese-made car–(can’t remember if it was a Mazda, Honda, Toyota, or whatever)—and it read:

    “I’ve never been the same since the house fell on my sister.”

    If anyone knows, even vaguely, what this is supposed to mean, kindly speak up.

  6. Debrah Says:

    Very provocative from Maureen.

    Could the newspaper business really be headed this way?

  7. John Says:

    Sounds like a reference to the evil witch in The Wizard of Oz - The Wicked Witch of the West (TWWW).

    After Auntie Em’s house landed on TWWW’s sister (The Wicked Witch of the East) Dorothy found herself the unwitting object of her wrath.

    Really, it was those damned slippers that Glenda the Good Witch stole from the corpse of TWWE and forced on Dorothy. All that did was piss off TWWW who made it her mission to make Dorothy’s life in Oz a living hell.

    What a trouble-making heiffer Glenda was. And after all the crap Dorothy goes through (instigated by Glenda, I might add) to try to get back to Kansas, Glenda THEN decides to let her in on a little secret: she’s ALWAYS been able to get home - she didn’t need to bring back the broom of the Wicked Witch of the West. Well slap me silly Glenda! That’s a useful piece of information right there!

    Who gave Glenda the right to usurp the property of TWWE anyway? You gotta figure those slippers woulda been bequeathed to TWWW fair square and legal.

    Ultimately, the TWWW’s obsession with those slippers leads to her demise. She melted - what a world, what a world!

    It all stated with her sister’s death and those damned slippers.

    I have no freaking idea what the bumper sticker means.

    However, I can interpret “DON’T COME A KNOCKIN’ WHEN THE VAN IS ROCKIN’” if you need me to.

  8. Debrah Says:

    An interesting article in the WSJ on Malaysia.

  9. Debrah Says:

    “However, I can interpret ‘DON’T COME A KNOCKIN’ WHEN THE VAN IS ROCKIN’ ‘ if you need me to.”

    That’s fine, John.

    Even a nun can understand that one.

    Heck, even Rosie O’Donnell can.

    By the way, your Wizard of Oz idea might not be so far-fetched.

    I mean, in what other instance can the idea of a house falling on a woman be found?


  10. Mr. Cranky Says:

    Debrah, I will be delighted to assume the duties of fetching ‘cue from Allen and Sons, a place of succulent beauty in a drab world of fast food.

    Want slaw with yours?

    And by the way, a house fell once on my Aunt Edna. She was playing strip poker with the girls at the home when a full house, jacks over fours, robbed her of her dignity and her support hose.

    The place ain’t been the same since.

  11. Locomotive Breath Says:

    The Wizard of Oz reference in the falling house bumper sticker seems clear to me.

    My favorite is “Don’t make me get my flying monkeys”.

    Keep up the good work GDG!

  12. Debrah Says:

    “Want slaw with yours?”

    Of course, “Cranky”. The slaw is my most favorite thing about a barbecue sandwich. Theirs is really excellent.

    It must be 3 or 4 years since I’ve stopped at the Allen & Sons. Usually around this time of year, I would get a large take-out order of the slaw, Brunswick stew, and the barbecue.

    I wouldn’t recommend this for a steady diet; however, it’s very, very good!

    Don’t forget to include the Brunswick stew for the guy or girl in Malaysia.

    Lastly, “Cranky”, this might be the only exchange we’ve ever had that did not include mention of the falsely accused Duke lacrosse players.

    Don’t wish to start a new trend, so perhaps we should find out if Kevin Bacon and Richard Brodhead eat barbecue.


  13. Debrah Says:

    I have no idea why my entire post above is italicized.

    ROTFLM-T’s-O !!!

    That’s what happens when I start being nice to the mean “Mr. Cranky”.