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Links gone wild!

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Surely you’re not surprised that John Edwards and Rielle Hunter have disappeared from the pages of most mainstream daily newspapers (which didn’t want to report on their tawdry saga, held their noses as they reluctantly did so, and threw the whole mess on the old-news heap as soon as they could). But if you’ve still got an interest in the story, check out Deceiver’s archive of all things John- and Rielle-related. It’s an amazing collection of news tidbits vacuumed up from a variety of sources, along with healthy doses of rank speculation. Be forewarned, however: It’s easy to get sucked into the countless links to other sites and realize that a whole morning has gone by. Fill the coffee pot, because it’ll be at least a two-cup journey.

Speaking of newspapers, I’m going to perform an unabashed bit of logrolling here and link to myself. This piece is from Business North Carolina magazine, where I’m a columnist, and when you read it you’ll understand why some of my former colleagues in the newspaper industry have yelped in outrage. In the column, I discuss the mostly overlooked reason why newspapers have suffered in the digital age. Here’s the offending sentence: “What changed the business forever, not to mention vaporizing almost $24 billion of market value, is that technology unmasked journalism as a craft any amateur can undertake.”

A friend of mine out West sent me a link to this video, which I now share with you. Its creator is a former video-game programer who decided to travel the world and dance with strangers while being videotaped. He’s no Fred Astaire, but the result is sweetly entertaining. If this doesn’t make you smile, your soul has withered — like that of the stone-faced guard in the Korean demilitarized zone, who’s the only person in the video who doesn’t shake a tail feather.