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Drive-by pontification

Friday, August 29th, 2008

(1) Not that there’s ever an effort involved in working up disgust for the way politicians waste our money, but North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley and leaders of the General Assembly made it particularly easy for us this week. During the most recent legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill allowing oversized boat trailers to travel the state’s highways. I was never quite clear about the urgency of this, considering that such huge trailers were already allowed to hit the highway — although a permit is required. Besides, people who know about such things said that giving those big trailers unfettered access to roads was a disaster waiting to happen. Easley, a lame duck whose only responsibility nowadays is to not screw things up in his few remaining months in office, vetoed the bill. Rather than simply wait until the next session and pass another version of the bill for the future governor, legislative leaders called a special session to override Easley’s veto. Total cost to taxpayers for this foolishness: $50,000. Somebody needs a beatin’.

(2) The New York Times wondered who would be the bigger pariah at the Democratic national convention — John Edwards or Joe Lieberman — and decided to ask a few delegates. The consensus was that Lieberman (who the Times described as a “lapsed Democrat”) is more greatly loathed. “Edwards was only unfaithful to his wife,” one delegate says. “Lieberman was unfaithful to an entire party.” Ahem. As I recall, Democrats kicked Lieberman to the curb in the 2006 Connecticut primary when he sought re-election to his Senate seat. Lieberman then won re-election as an Independent — but has continued to caucus with the Democrats, allowing them to control the Senate. Who exactly was the more unfaithful party in that circumstance? The Times’ description of Lieberman is curious, too. There’s a difference between getting kicked out of a club and letting your membership lapse.

(3) However, if Joe Lieberman is named as John McCain’s running mate, you can disregard the above.