Merry, happy and all that

The good news: I’m taking a week or so off because … well, because it’s the Christmas season and I’m the laziest hardworking man in the blogosphere. (Or the hardest-working lazy man. I’m never sure which it is.)

There is no bad news.

Enjoy the holidays and I hope that your blessings are many, as are mine. If you’ve got four minutes to kill and a taste for fractured carols, watch this. Otherwise, see you next week.

One Response to “Merry, happy and all that”

  1. John Says:

    Speaking of the holiday season, I got me a prostate exam this morning. What? An inappropriate topic with no relation to Gearino’s original post, you say? Point taken.

    Anyway, I had to find me a new doctor as I have been out of circulation with health care providers since 1996. Come to think of it, I got a prostate exam then too.

    I don’t remember jack about the urologist who perfomed my maiden exam (other than his diploma said he matriculated at Duke). Come to think of it, he did ask me about the Braves’ upcoming playoff chances during the intrusive phase of the exam - I guess that’d be pretty much the whole process - the longest 21.323 seconds of my life - but who’s counting?. “I think the Braves willl be FIIIINE if their relief PITCHHH-ing holds UUUPP!”

    The guy today was much younger. A French Canadian named Beaulieu (that’s Boyer to we non-Francophiles). Not sure where he got his diploma and we didn’t talk sports. Same technique though. Maybe he went Duke too.